Gear & Endorsements

workhorse main electric bass – US Masters Custom Guitar works lefty 5 string EP 55, artist.

Fretless – Clement 6 string single cut custom and an old Fender P lefty fretless

Thunderfunk amp which I love

Acme Bass Cabinets Artist. Thanks Andy.. Two Acme B-1s and an Acme B-4

upright basses – Carved Bohemian European bass made in the 1890s and of course the carved,

7/8 size aged spruce “Chris de Q” model made by luthier Wayne Holmes. Wayne has

been so nice to me and builds amazing sounding, solid hand carved basses and can

reached at , thanks Wayne!  I would also like to mention

luthier James Condino here in Asheville. A great guy and amazing luthier.

I have a room full of other basses of all sorts, but the above mentioned are the most important to me and the music I play.

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