Chris Kew Biography

Chris Kew, Q, bassist

Hello world and everybody else. My name is Chris Kew, or just Q as many call me. I’m a pocket playing bassist who has no fear to take things wherever they may go. I spent 7 years on the road with the band Hypnotic Clambake touring internationally with them playing some outside stuff for sure. After the Clambake I joined Jiggle the Handle, which was a great band to emerge out of the Northeast JamBand scene. We toured and recorded for five years or before pursuing other things personally. I then almost immediately joined up with The Recipe and it was right back on the road for me. That was when I moved from Boston to Asheville NC where I now reside. Since Ive been here in Ashevile I have played with many different bands and many different styles. Also a freelance studio player, I have done a ton of tracks and albums over the years which will come up in my discography. I’m a lefty too. A lefty who plays 4,5,6 string electrics and upright bass but with the strings setup for a righty to play my basses. A little off? A tad strange? Maybe, but it gives me my own sound and my own voice, which is one of the things that it’s all about. This is a brief intro to me….The life of Q