What’s up?

Hello folks, it’s been too long since I’ve been on here to let you know what’s up. Sorry about that. It has been a busy winter for me. I’ve been playing a lot of shows and doing a bunch of recording. JBB has made a ton of progress as a funky band. I’ve been doing a bunch of shows with Chris Oneil here in Asheville, rehearsing with Paul Edelman, The Jangling Sparrows, being a house bassist for some jams at various clubs around town and recently was called upon to make a studio album with keyboardist extraordinaire, Lenny Piccareli. That album will be happening very shortly. Also over the last bunch of months Kris Kehr and I have been working on the final mixes for the album “Traveling” and Scott Murawski has been adding his guitar wizardry to that album as well.  I will start posting all upcoming shows in that section of the site as well as the endorsements and discography sections. The wonderful upright bass luthier Wayne Holmes has named his 7/8 fully carved spruce top model bass the “Chris de Q” and Acme Bass Cabs has added me to their artist page on their site as well. Things are busy and good, so stay tuned. There will also be more music links added very shortly. Thanks for tuning in and of course, thanks for listening.  From the lowend, Chris Q

You may think I’m back, I never really left.

recording, Chris Kew, Q, Bass Can of Worms Studio, where I spend a lot of time alone with my basses. I’ve been working on a bunch of things for different people and with different people. Some albums I have just finished and some I am just beginning. It is, however time to start hitting the road once again. I am diligently looking for that magical mixture of players and music that melds the band with the audience. It can take patience but also a ton of proactive searching. So there, my first post to my first site which is mine alone. There will be lots of info and links and music mixed with some out of the box silliness which is important to keep one sane. so, I say, WELCOME!